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Russian sanctions: the view from the car market

The shape of the chip market in the wake of the Chinese ban

Will the weather save us from the energy crisis?

What would a run on sterling driven by property outflows look like?

Chris Giles’ article on the energy crisis isn’t honest with the data

The UK's debt crisis is going to be unique

The curious case of the missing natural gas imports

Picking an Economic Fight With China is Unwise

Can the UK afford energy subsidies?

Is this or is this not a recession?

Why inflation is likely to stick around

Berkshire Hathaway's Japanese Holdings

How much does the present inflation look like the 1970s and 1980s?

Stagflation: Causes and Cures

Italy's inflation problem

How inflation is threatening to create a recession in the US

Wealth and demographics

How much of an impact are the FAANGs having on the market?

Two inflationary scenarios

How reliable is the Atlanta sticky/flexi price framework?

Inflation hedging through FX: EUR/HUF

CHF/EUR follow up

Inflation hedging through FX: CHF/EUR

How an energy embargo will impact German CPI

The end of dollar hegemony

How bad is this inflation relative to history?

How has the present inflation impacted factors?

Inflation, the quality factor and distribution

Investing during inflation


Rouble equilibrium value and oil prices

Russia's current account: worst case scenario

The Russian current account at $150-180 a barrel oil

The Ukraine 'Peace Trade'

Rouble trouble

The oil price and the rouble

How bad do sanctions hit Russian stocks?

PPP Now Determines RMB-USD

The return of the PIIGS?

How predictable was the recent inflation?

How much further would the S&P500 have to fall before we worried about a bear market?

Japanese Demographics: When Do Things Get Bad?

Australia's Magical Balance of Payments

What Drives the Australian Dollar?